SUPERNOVA, Super Great – LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX Announces Innovative New Product Again


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At the 132nd Online Canton Fair, Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX) has attracted much attention from its customers worldwide by introducing the brand-new product, SUPERNOVA LED Bulb series. Since its establishment in 1987, WELLMAX has been devoted to product innovation and launches proprietary products every year, bringing surprises to customers constantly. As an example of WELLMAX’s breakthrough innovation, SUPERNOVA LED Bulb is designed to provide customers an unique and aesthetic appearance while assuring high quality, making WELLMAX live up to its name of LED Bulb Expert.

What are the specific innovations made on the design of SUPERNOVA series and why does WELLMAX work so hard to develop this? To find the answers, we interviewed WELLMAX’s R&D team. Their director of LED products Yusuf introduced, “The design of SUPERNOVA was inspired from nova, an astronomical event of a bright new star, with the shape of quadrangle.” Yusuf continued as he showed us SUPERNOVA bulb, “Let’s see from the bottom side of the bulb, the body shape and lines combined looks like the lighting blast of a nova event. We are committed to developing this aesthetic design because as the LED Bulb Expert, we aim to provide clients with the most distinctive LED bulbs, helping them stand out among rival counterparts. For end-consumers, SUPERNOVA will be their best choice compared with those featureless bulbs, bringing them a special aesthetic visual experience!”

“In addition, our SUPERNOVA series has trusted quality”, added by Mike Jing, the chief director of LED products at WELLMAX, “We closely measured lamp reliability and performance statistics during R&D phase. We optimized the material to have better resistance to yellowing, this requires countless tests and adjustments by our engineers.” LED engineer Lin Yu also said, “This breakthrough accounts of both quality and appearance. We managed to prevent fracture of the bulb cover while applying the aesthetic design of quadrangle.”

WELLMAX’s product innovation and upgrading is contributed by its strong R&D capability. It has support from its strategic partner SAMSUNG and has a product testing center awarded “Witnessed Testing Lab” by SGS and DEKRA to ensure the quality of each new product. The evolving technology developed by the first-class R&D laboratory has convinced clients that WELLMAX’s products are of higher reliability, helping global clients to stimulate the market expansion and bringing value to more people. With great R&D strength as well as the devotion to innovative lighting, WELLMAX will continue to bring more unique and high quality products like SUPERNOVA.

This year, WELLMAX’s product launch event & year-end promotion at 132nd Canton Fair is held between 19th Sep – 25th Oct. Its online VIP meeting is still on hot reservation! Through holding the meetings, WELLMAX provides the top-quality lighting products with the best price, showcasing its latest products, like SUPERNOVA LED Bulb and Sunlight Series LED Downlight, and its hot sellers, such as Ballet Series LED Bulb, S Series LED Strip, and Eagle Eye Series Spotlight. As a long standing exhibitor of Canton Fair, WELLMAX is expected to make a great hit again by presenting its innovative lighting solutions.

Learn more about SUPERNOVA LED Bulb and WELLMAX company information.

Website: https://wellmaxgroup.com/portfolio/supernova-led-bulb/

YouTube: SuperNOVA, super GREAT! — WELLMAX’s newest LED A bulb! – YouTube

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ShanghaiWellmaxLighting/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/2527004/


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