WELLMAX Helped Client Win a Bid for 3 Million LED Bulbs


7 months ago · 5 mins read

Last July, Mr. Abner, an African lighting trader, won a bid for a large-scale engineering lighting project -3 million pieces of LED Bulbs. That’s truly a big surprise and also a real worry for him: how to fulfill this unexpected huge order in a limited delivery term?

“Why not go to China, where LED factories all around, to find a partner,” thought Mr. Abner.

After several rounds of searching, calling and personal visiting to some China’s suppliers, it turned out none of them could deliver these 3 million pieces of LED bulbs as required due to their insufficient capacity. “”I felt so frustrated,”” said Mr. Abner, “”but still kept browsing on Facebook desperately until a shining WELLMAX’s poster popped out: LED Bulb Expert, 30-Day Fast Delivery””.

What an exciting message! Abner emailed his order requirements to Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX) instantly. To his surprise, the reply from WELLMAX came back so quickly with a completely perfect solution, which could meet all requirements of his order and guarantee these 3 million pieces of LED Bulbs were delivered to Africa just in time.

“I feel so happy and honored to share with you how WELLMAX can realize 30-Day fast delivery,” said Abner.

Sufficient Production Capacity

Widely known as the LED Bulb Expert, WELLMAX is a well-reputed lighting brand with 32 years of production management experience. With focusing on LED bulbs manufacturing, the company has established the most effective standardized management for large-scale production, which can achieve a monthly capacity of over 14 million pcs. “This is the critical reason why only WELLMAX could deliver my large quantity orders on time,” Mr. Abner explained.

Superior Quality Guaranteed

WELLMAX has been in close collaboration with SGS and DEKRA for years and has the most professional engineers and experts in LED lighting industry, which enable its R&D team to bring out the most reliable LED solutions more effectively. Meanwhile, with over 200 brand partners all over the world, the company has rich experience in tailoring solutions according to Customs standards and requirements of different countries. “”So you can definitely expect the most qualified and matched LED products from WELLMAX,”” added Mr. Abner.

Highly Professional Service

WELLMAX sales team adopts region-based managerial responsibility to ensure the highly specialized service and most of team members have been focusing on their own areas for over 8 years. With mature market knowledge and proficient order operation skill, WELLMAX always can bring best purchasing experience to overseas clients during the cross-border trade. As Mr. Abner commented:”WELLMAX’s team are so well-informed with African lighting market, even more familiar than myself. Their professional service helps me save a lot of time.”

“This is how and why only WELLMAX could help me out in the urgent case. Their perfect integrated solution not only realizes the successful delivery, but also makes me more competitive in my market. Many thanks for WELLMAX’s professional service and extra support,” Abner concluded.

When the story comes to an end, WELLMAX just begins to show a bit of itself. With its superb quality, excellent service and unparalleled brand identity – LED Bulb Expert, WELLMAX will continue to devote itself to meeting all kinds of LED bulb demands in the global market with 30-Day Fast Delivery.

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