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As the LED Bulb Expert, Shanghai Wellmax Lighting Industry Co., Ltd (WELLMAX) has welcomed numerous clients to visit its company HQ and LED factories in the last 30 years. WELLMAX is one of the top exporters of LEDs in Shanghai, and has more than 200 client portfolios over 50 countries worldwide. If you haven’t had a chance to visit us yet, today we invite you to hop-on our “WELLMAX” giant ship and enjoy a fabulous virtual tour of production floor in our ISO9001-qualified LED factory. Fasten your seat belt! Are you ready for the ride?

Standing in front of the gate of the WELLMAX factory, WELLMAX’s flag is waving to welcome you. Pushing the door open and walking inside the building, you have arrived at our first stop of our journey—“Pre-Production Management Area”. You can see two encryption rooms—they are Raw Materials Warehouses for electronic devices and packing materials respectively. In this pre-production checking point, all different spare parts of LED lamps will be sorted by WELLMAX Quality Control Inspectors before passing to the production floor.

Raw materials are sorted in order in the warehouse

Walking further into the factory, now we are at the 2nd stop—“Production”. You can see LED SMD Room and the spectacular Insert Line. All the assembling works of the electronic devices are completed here through the advanced equipment and the experienced hands of our professional workers. Before flowing to the next step—the packing line, the assembled parts will be sent to the Quality Control Room for first round check-ups. Experts in that room re-examine the finished devices one by one. Only the ones with outstanding working state can be sent to the packing lines. Whereas, those components that fail to meet the quality standards will be rejected immediately. The procedures may seem tedious and time consuming, but we are self-motivated and enthusiastic to repeat these again and again till products can meet our own and clients’ requirements. That’s a must.

You see, one principle strictly abided by WELLMAX is that only devices with good quality can get a green light to the next process to jointly contribute to the final masterwork.

Automatic SMD Line

The products that passed the quality inspection will be put together for packaging. The WELLMAX team’s packaging designers not only designs creative packaging to add value to the final product, but also considers the level of protection the packaging should support to the product during transportation. Our product packaging engineers have performed various times of drop test to ensure the design is enduring for the long-way ahead before the goods can reach to the hand of the end consumer.

After being put on original and creative “clothes” in packing lines, those substantial products can say“hello” to you! Let them see your waving welcoming hands!

Hold on. Is the happy visiting time over? NO! We still have one stop left—“Post-Production”. Random checks take place here. Post production evaluation is enforced by our supply-chain management standard procedures; different inspectors will perform this crucial task on the finished goods. Those brilliant products are not as nervous as what you think. Instead they are fairly confident. Representing the cohesion of intelligence and physical strength from our teams of professional engineers and experienced workers, they have reason to be confident, and they are surely able to pass the test.

Final random inspection before shipment

The finished products standing in front of you represent combined efforts of dedication, hard work and sincerity. I’m sure that you, our distinguished visitors, know that more than anyone else. You see, “Made in WELLMAX” is not only a simple phrase, but also a synonym of exceptional design and high-quality production. When you choose WELLMAX, you choose quality product. Of course, you choose to stand in the line of Success!

WELLMAX team members

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