Three Keys to Help Global Importers Win in the LED Market – LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX Provides Unrivalled Purchasing Experience


7 months ago · 5 mins read

The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair is Asia’s largest and most influential professional lighting exhibition with the huge number of buyers and large trade volume. Every year at the Autumn Fair, the LED Bulb Expert- WELLMAX garners big success by offering customers excellent lighting experiences.

WELLMAX has maintained a steady growth in recent years despite the fierce competition in the industry. The brand has entered the global market with presence in over 60 countries. Also, the on-site order during the exhibition in 2018 has increased by 20% compared with last year. The success of the company has been driven by the following key factors:

WELLMAX’s booth full of clients every day during the fair

Innovation capability enhances customers’ products competitiveness

Nowadays, LED lighting technology is updating faster than ever. The iterations cycle of LED products are less than 3 months. Once a company fails to keep up with the trend, it will soon lose opportunity in the market. As the LED Bulb Expert, WELLMAX has continued to advance. Since 2015, the company has continually launched its self-developed product series including Sunrise, Rocket, Ultron, Aero, Ballet, Classic and others. The iDAPT technology and the smart series of iDREAM introduced in 2018 are highly accepted by the global market.WELLMAX highly values the process of R&D. It collaborates with top companies in the industry such as Samsung, SGS and DEKRA on LED research and development, aiming to innovate the most suitable and competitive LED products for its global clients.

Samsung’s top executives visited WELLMAX’s booth, the two parties will further deepen collaboration

Strict quality control system reduces the customer’s purchase risk

By building partnership with WELLMAX, clients can enjoy high value-added services that help them to quickly gain competitive-edge in their countries. An African customer said, “I have been the partner with WELLMAX for more than ten years. I used to buy products from several different suppliers, but found the performance of WELLMAX products the best. Now we only purchase from WELLMAX.”

WELLMAX has built a professional production management system covering solution design, supply chain integration, material handling, quality control management, packaging and others. The system effectively helps customers to reduce purchase cost and risks during international trading.

Fast delivery increases customers’ operational efficiency

“Time is money” is a portrayal of the current LED lighting market. To help customers more quickly respond to the market demands, WELLMAX integrates the industry chain and streamlines production procedure to shorten the lead time to within 30 days. Customers cooperating with WELLMAX will significantly increase the business operational efficiency to gain market initiative.

Technology R&D innovation, quality control system, and fast delivery are the key weapons to WELLMAX’s sales growth, as well as the powerful tools to find the way out of price competition.

WELLMAX’s professional team members


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