【New Launch】WELLMAX’s Sunlight Series DOB Downlight- High Lumen & Slimmest Body

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1 year ago · 5 mins read

On August 31, WELLMAX, a leading global supplier of LED lighting products, announced its new product-Sunlight Series DOB Downlight, which attracts wide attention. This series is available in both surfaced and recessed installation and is suitable for a wide range of scenarios, including home, office, corridor, aisle, shopping mall, exhibition hall, etc. Equipped with SAMSUNG LED chips, the new Sunlight series is designed for delivering the maximum lumen output with the slimmest body and optimizing the DOB lighting solution to provide customers with the best LED downlight.

Sunlight series has a high luminous efficacy of 100lm/W, and its light-emitting area accounts for 85%, rendering itself as bright as sunlight. This series is not only slim in boundary, but also slim in thickness, which is 25.8mm, over 1 mm thinner than counterpart LED downlights in the market. This “1 mm” improvement is a result of countless efforts by WELLMAX’s R&D team. During an interview to WELLMAX, their LED engineer, Min Wu, said, “In the process of R&D, the biggest challenge is how to make a balance between the downlight thickness and lighting performance. We spent much time on optical simulations and data analysis to consistently optimize the electronic solution, and our engineers gave strict monitoring on every sample to ensure the quality.” WELLMAX’s product manager Ethan Zhao added, “We tried to make the downlight body as slim as possible because we see a trend for the minimalist, yet smart and slim consumer preference. In addition, making the product slimmer can help our customers save shipping cost and maximize utilization of their retail display space. Meanwhile, we didn’t compromise in lumen output and efficacy; we aim to help customers achieve energy and cost efficiency while delivering super brightness.”

Besides, WELLMAX achieves a technological breakthrough that allows the Sunlight series downlight free from dark spot, a notable shortcoming of traditional DOB downlight. Mike Jing, the chief director of LED products at WELLMAX, explained, “DOB solution downlight is becoming the go-to choice of LED designers and traders in recent years, while one problem commonly seen is the visible dark spots that can appear on the panel surface of DOB downlight when lighting up. These dark spots are caused by shadows of components, such as the power supply, on the board. Therefore, many companies choose to make DOB downlights thicker to counter this issue,” Mike smiled, “now you understand why it is difficult to make a DOB downlight slim.” “To optimize the DOB lighting solution, we set a rigorous standard of choosing materials, using those with high lightproof performance and great tensile strength to ensure the uniform brightness. In addition, WELLMAX R&D team spared no efforts to do the testing. Countless tests had been finished since we adjusted materials, mold, and electronic solution as long as there was any problem in lighting performance.”

Known as the LED BULB EXPERT, WELLMAX, with more than 35 years of industry experience, has the ability to quickly adopt market insights into product R&D. This company puts high value on R&D LED technology. It not only spends a lot of capital and resources on the R&D lab, but also cooperates with industrial top giants such as SAMSUNG, SGS, DEKRA to develop cutting-edge technologies. Its engineers are all professionals who have been deeply engaged in the industry for more than 10 years, endowing WELLMAX full capacity to adapt to the quick product iteration and meet various market demands. We believe that WELLMAX will bring customers more high-quality LED products in the future!


Source: LEDinside

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