4 Common Pitfalls You Should Avoid When Sourcing From China


7 months ago · 5 mins read

In order to know what overseas buyers consider the biggest obstacles they face when sourcing from China, we surveyed over 100 professional international buyers over the past several months and asked them “What is your biggest procurement challenge when buying in China?” It turned out that amongst the most frequent answers, such as quality control issues, supplier relationship management, or product certification issues, the top rated one are all supply-chain related challenges.

Do you struggle with the same problems? For example, holiday spikes in demand lead to longer lead times and a sudden decline in on-time delivery; procurement managers wave the yellow flag about the quality of goods and the defects in hidden components are discovered afterwards; the style of communication used by overseas buyers conflicts with the style used by Chinese suppliers; or the products are simply unable to comply with Customs certification standards.

With differences in language, culture, and management styles, that’s why it is so vital that buyers need to choose a professional supplier to cooperate with. Overseas buyers can start by researching for reliable partners who have experience in manufacturing, who adhere to ‘quality first’ value, and who maintain a good brand reputation in the industry. Buyers who seek for a specific type of product to import can start with the research about what are the top companies that specialize in manufacturing and exporting of that particular product. For example, professional buyers who want to buy LED bulbs will be more likely to work with company like Shanghai Wellmax Lighting Industry Co. (WELLMAX), the “LED Bulb Expert”. WELLMAX has 30 years of experience in the lighting industry and has already developed a wide client portfolio around the world. Experienced in the design and manufacture of LED bulbs, this company will be an ideal choice for overseas professional buyers. There will less likely to be any misunderstanding in communication or product quality issues because both sides have deep knowledge on the designing and manufacturing of products and years of experience in the entire trading process. More specifically, we summarized four areas that professional buyers can enjoy when partnering with a professional supplier.

1. Fast Lead Time.

The professional supplier already streamlines operation in manufacturing and project management and develops a clearer structure in supply chain resources to improve the lead time, which can help buyers prevent lost business, increase cash flow, have a consistently quick turnaround and outpace their competitors.

2. Strict Quality Control.

Buyers free themselves from trouble when they work with the right supplier who can take responsibility and monitor the entire manufacturing process regarding materials, measurements, packaging, product quality, and deliver quality products.

3. Certification Qualification.

Professional suppliers are more likely to be familiar with different market certification requirements. To obtain various international certifications, it is important for the supplier to collaborate with credible third-party institutions such as SGS and DEKRA on R&D and product testing.

4. Effective Communication.

Professional suppliers usually have more experience communicating with overseas clients; they are also more likely to have teams with better and more effective communication skills compared with small or inexperienced suppliers. The chances for misinterpretation during negotiation are much smaller if client choose companies with professional teams. Understandably, it is also a way to identify whether a company is experienced or professional; if they have teams with international experience, speaks fluent English, and can immerse in the local market with rich experience, the company is usually capable to keep the communication clear, accurate, timely, and effective.

For buyers who are seeking reliable partners for LED products, check out WELLMAX, the leading exporter of LED bulbs in Shanghai; it is the “Shanghai Famous Exporting Enterprise” and “AAA Enterprise” awarded by Shanghai Customs. With client portfolios from more than 50 countries, WELLMAX can meet different country’s Customs requirements and can provide clients with holistic product solutions.

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