4 Things You Must Know Before Buying High Power LED Bulbs


8 months ago · 5 mins read

Based on LEDinside’s forecast, LED industrial lighting market scale will be worth US$3.935 billion by 2018. High power LEDs as a main sector of industrial lighting market, varies in many aspects in terms of power, qualities, design, and durability. Here are 4 things you must know before you buy high power LED bulbs:

Heat Dissipation
Heat dissipation is the primary technical problem high power LED buyers concern because it directly affects the product’s lifespan. With long operating time and comparatively high temperature due to high power output, high power LED’s quality is especially vital. Often these are the three ways LED engineers adopt to resolve this problem:
1. Make a bigger size bulb to enlarge surface areas for dissipation.
2. Use heat sinks design to create top-down ventilation.
3. Improve the technical level of power source to decrease heat emitted.

The durability of high power LED bulbs is critical in highly intense industrial applications. Material used to produce LED bulbs is directly responsible for the performance of the product. For such a role, material which has high thermal conductivity is what buyers should seek for when evaluating a product. Copper is a good conductor of heat yet quite expensive. Another choice can be aluminum. In fact aluminum is the most commonly used material for LED product as it is a good heat conductor and also price competitive. Thermoplastic is a new innovation in the field of heat sink materials. It is a specially engineered plastic which is a good conductor of heat; its radiation ratio is 7 to 8 times higher than aluminum therefore provides even better performance.

Price is always the key factor that affects buyers’ decision. The cost of an LED bulb is majorly built around its chips. Major LED chip brands include CREE, SAMSUNG and Sanan Optoelectronics. The fluctuation of LED chip price in 2016 alone affects about a third of high power LED bulbs’ price. It’s also worth noting that Chinese carton factories issued notices of the rise in price due to the rising wood pulp and paper prices since early November. What’s more, Chinese gears up for Chinese New Year during Jan. 28th to Feb. 3rd, 2017, the robust demand and the usual insufficient factory production capacity will lead to additional price hikes of products. Buyers are suggested to order early to lock down factories’ production capacity and guard against increased costs later on for their 2017 Q1 inventory plan.

Product Positioning
With the heated reshuffle of LED industry, battle filed between enterprises is often the competitions among their main product series. To compete for more market share, manufacturers of high power LED bulbs who can set clearer product positioning to target different market segment stand out. Buyers as well as consumers need time to learn how to determine when to use standard LED and when to use high power LEDs. Commonly standard LEDs are used indoors for residential use and high power LEDs are usually used outdoor or in warehouses. However there are certainly grey areas that are harder to define. Product with clearer positioning can help buyers and consumers to make better decisions. High power LED can be designed to use in different functional areas, for example, coal mine, warehouses, gyms, and supermarkets, etc.

One of the most trending high power LED product this year has been the Rocket series from Shanghai Wellmax Lighting Industry. This product series was first debuted at 2016 Frankfurt Light+Building Fair, and has become a best-seller at mainstream markets worldwide. The Rocket high power LEDs are designed by Daniel Koo who won several German iF awards. The design echoes with above-mentioned aspects, it also adopted SAMSUNG LED chips to ensure its premium quality. The series’ features can be concluded in these aspects:

1. Innovative heat dissipation structure;
2. 25000 lifetime guarantee;
3. High performance-price ratio due to WELLMAX’s independent R&D capability and supply-chain management;
4. Slender cylindrical body in futuristic design;
5. 360 degree beam angle;
6. SAMSUNG LED inside;
7. Easy to install and excellent to replace CFL in 85W/100W, help save up above 80% on energy.

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