Sales Volume from 0 to $5 Million in One Year, How Did This LED Distributor Make It?


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The continent of Africa is located more than 9,000 kilometers away from China and it takes more than ten hours to travel even with today’s advanced communication technology. Despite the distance, many entrepreneurs in Africa still have to travel several times annually to China to look for a long-term supplier.

International companies always spend a lot of time and energy on seeking factories, negotiating prices and inspecting quality but to no avail, especially for the lighting industry. LED technology is updated very quickly with products iteration cycle less than 3 months. Once a product falls behind the trend, importers will soon lose their market.

One client from Africa acknowledges the fact and has decisively abandoned his traditional business model to join WELLMAX’s Global Distributor Program (GDP). Being an authorized distributor of WELLMAX, this client has reached sales over US$ 5 million in one year and is expecting to double the sales to US$ 10 million next year. How did he make it?

Concentrate on What You Know the Best

This African client has more than 10 years of experience in business. When he mentioned WELLMAX’s GDP, he was excited to say, “I used to do everything by myself, but it turned out to be a failure and a waste of energy. I had to go to China many times a year to find products and factories, but was still worried about product quality, delivery time and other issues. After joining WELLMAX, I did not have to travel to China frequently anymore and still achieved over US$ 5 million annual sales. Now my whole family joined me and my uncle’s family also decided to work with me. I believe we will exceed US$10 million next year. “

This client learned about WELLMAX brand at Canton Fair last year and became WELLMAX’s authorized distributor soon after. With the full support of WELLMAX, he only needs to focus on what he is good at. It takes less energy but makes his business boom.

A Trustworthy Supplier is the Guarantee of Success

When it comes to WELLMAX, the client is full of praises, “I worked with a China’s factory before, but soon the factory closed down and my brand lost a lot of profit. Later, I became the agent for other brand, and it didn’t go well too. WELLMAX is the LED bulb expert with 31 years’ experiences in lighting industry. The company gives me a lot of supports. It is indeed a trustworthy enterprise.”

WELLMAX is the company that can provide holistic supports to its global partners. After 31 years of development, it becomes the reputed ‘LED Bulb Expert’. It sold more than 900 million LED bulbs to over 58 countries. In 2016, WELLMAX became the first strategic partner with Samsung, and was consecutively awarded with “Annual Most Valuable Partner” by Samsung in 2017 and 2018. In 2018, it organized and participated in the event of formulating the industry-wide standards for LED filament.

Being WELLMAX’s authorized distributors, partners can enjoy high value-added services that help them to quickly gain competitive-edge in their countries.

Competitive Products Win Market

Regarding WELLMAX products, the client said, “My annual sales never exceeded US$ 600,000 before when I ran my own brand or distributed products for other brand. The main reason was lacking brand influence and outdated product portfolio. WELLMAX is the strategic partner with the renowned Samsung and introduces at least 5 new products every year. This allows us to expand sales channels faster. WELLMAX’s LED bulbs with iDAPT tech are very popular in our market. The newly-released smart iDREAM series will soon reach our outlets for sale as well. We believe this new product series will also succeed in our market.

Professional management system and strong R&D team consisting of experts from Philips, Osram and GE enable WELLMAX to constantly develop world-leading LED bulb products. Through cooperating with the top enterprises and institutes in the industry, the company expands fast in the international market and wins the reputation of “LED Bulb Expert”.

WELLMAX’s strong strengths have helped its distributors to achieve success in their local markets. With increasing brand influence, it has been attracting more and more clients to join its GDP. WELLMAX is also willing to partner with clients from different countries, because the company is committed to bringing the best LED products to the world.



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