WELLMAX Export Volume Surpass 90 Million in 2017!

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Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

At the opening of the new year, we are happy to share with you that as the result of our close cooperation, WELLMAX has created new history and achieved new heights in 2017:

* Our annual export volume surpasses 90,000,000pcs in 2017 - 1.5 times of last year's.
* We were awarded the “Annual Most Valuable Partner” by SAMSUNG LED for the second year;
* We successfully released series of patented LED bulbs and Smart LED bulb, which have been highly praised internationally;
* We participated in four exhibitions, having the great opportunity to speak with you in person;
* We became the major LED supplier of the largest supermarket chain in the world;
* We built close partnership with the National Institute of LED on Silicon Substrate, establishing R&D collaboration on LED encapsulation technologies.
For the all achievements mentioned above, we want to thank all of our partners for your support and trust! We are determined to continue strong and healthy growth, bringing more values to you in the years to come.

Let's strengthen our bond and achieve higher goals together in 2018!

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