The introduction to global LED incentives and rebates II

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2. Australia and New Zealand

In Australia, relevant policies for LED luminaires have been advocated as well. The most attractive one is in New South Wales(NSW), Australia. LED lighting companies can apply for SAA certification from FAIRTRADING in NSW and as the same time submitted AS/NZSCISPR15 test report.

Additionally, New Zealand IES has proposed Rebates and Incentives plan for LED recessed lamps based on CA135/CA80/IC/IC-F certification. Higher is the grade, more subsidies you can obtain.

3. Japan

Japanese government has published encouragement policies for enterprises and civil. Through tax reduction and law-regulation, Japanese government enforced some large-scale-energy-consumption enterprises adopt energy saving products. Lots of local governments as well provided subsidies programs for LED lighting projects. The same as American and Canadian LED incentives and rebates projects, LED lighting subsidies policies varies in different counties and cities. All-in-one LED lighting subsidy policy is prevailing.

4. Thailand

LED lighting industry emerged in Thailand because of government advocating LED lighting projects. However, certification is a must if light source products exported to this country. Moreover, for Thailand business dealers, they are able to claim zero-tariff for their LED products if these products are certified by China Origin.