The introduction to global LED incentives and rebates I

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So far, energy and environment problem has been one of the important factors that retrained economic development. Under such circumstances, many countries have launched key lighting projects and in addition carried out relevant incentives and rebates program. As the 4th generation light source, LED is characterized by energy-efficiency and eco-friendly. LED incentives and rebates programs have risen around the world. Here bellow is the introduction to LED incentives and rebates in some major countries.

1. U.S. and Canada

LED Incentives and Rebates Program has been advocated successfully in U.S. and Canada. In the American and Canadian market, LED lamps approved by Energy Star are able to listed on rebates. For LED lighting companies, it is one profitable deal.

So far, LED lamps that can apply for Energy Star are limited to LED-based products that are alternatives to traditional incandescent bulbs as LED bulb, LED par light, LED spot light and self-ballast LED luminaires.

Besides above all, Indoor luminaires are able to claim LED incentives and rebates by means of applying for DLC qualification. DLC qualified LED T8 tube, LED panel light, LED mining lamp,etc. are much popular in American and Canadian market.

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