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New Solution! Full Series of LED Downlight with SAMSUNG LED

Posted By: administrator Jul 18,2018 in Company news

Combined SAMSUNG LED chip and WELLMAX s latest RD solution, this LED downlight products are qualified with CE standard and deliver both high efficacy and high ... > MORE



【NEW PRODUCT】It's Not Just for Power Outage, Coming Soon!

Posted By: administrator Jul 11,2018 in Company news

Be anxiety-free when the power is out! No more struggling in the dark finding candles, matches or a flashlight. Change your light bulbs to WELLMAX emergency LE... > MORE



WELLMAX Takes Part In Setting Standards For LED Filament Bulbs

Posted By: administrator Jul 11,2018 in Company news

On July 6th, China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA), the leading semiconductor research organization, held a forum in Fudan University to propose, for the f... > MORE



WELLMAX Global Distributor Program Helps You Win FAST!

Posted By: administrator Jul 04,2018 in Company news

Since introduced on the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2018, WELLMAX Global Distributor Program (GDP) has continued to attract partners. Till now,... > MORE

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United Nations Aims to Eradicate Inefficient Incandescent Bulbs

Posted By: administrator Jul 06,2018 in Industry news

Partners in a new United Nations-led initiative want to ensure that as the most inefficient light bulbs disappear from retailers shelves in the United States a... > MORE



What's right for your warehouse lighting?

Posted By: administrator Jun 27,2018 in Industry news

When thinking about the creation and adaptation of environments in a project, it is important to attend to the practical elements. Although a well-designed spa... > MORE



Statistics Show a Steady Growth of LED Bulbs on Global Market

Posted By: administrator Dec 21,2017 in Industry news

According to the latest release of 2016-2017 Monthly Report on Chinas LED Lighting Exports, Chinas exports of LED lighting products amounted to $1.38 billion i... > MORE



China's LED Market is Expected to Reach $24 Billion by 2024

Posted By: administrator Dec 15,2017 in Industry news

By 2024, China’s LED lighting market is estimated to surpass $24 Billion. With the development of China’s economy, demand for energy saving LED lighting is a... > MORE