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WELLMAX's IDREAM Series — The Most Trendy LED Product of 2018!

Posted By: administrator Jan 09,2019 in Company news

Nowadays, due to increasingly high working pressure, poor sleeping quality has become a big issue for many people. Also, an unsuitable light can make it harder... > MORE



5 Years Warranty! High Quality LED Spot Light for European Market

Posted By: administrator Jan 08,2019 in Company news

We would like to recommend you this premium product- 7W LED spotlight . Featuring high luminous efficacy and long lifetime, this product is certified with CE s... > MORE



WELLMAX Export Volume Exceed 136 Million in 2018

Posted By: administrator Jan 02,2019 in Company news

Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season. At the opening of the new year, we are happy to share with you that as the result of our mutual and cl... > MORE



How To Expand The Market Share Of LED Lighting In The Era Of Price Competition? — Dual-brand Strategy May Be The Key

Posted By: administrator Dec 21,2018 in Company news

LED lighting industry has been in a Golden Era in recent years as the global lighting companies have poured in the ranks of LED lighting to seek a good fortune... > MORE

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LED Lighting Manufacturers Expand Cross-Industry to Create Business Opportunities In 2019

Posted By: administrator Nov 13,2018 in Industry news

During 2018 ~ 2023, LED lighting market scale will gradually increase. LED lighting market scale will reach USD 56.6 billion in 2023. CAGR during 2018 ~ 2023 w... > MORE



Global LED lighting market scale will reach US$ 33.3 billion in 2019

Posted By: administrator Aug 17,2018 in Industry news

The market value of LED lighting has continuously expanded in the past years with the progress of the technology. LED lighting market scale will reach US$ 33.3... > MORE



United Nations Aims to Eradicate Inefficient Incandescent Bulbs

Posted By: administrator Jul 06,2018 in Industry news

Partners in a new United Nations-led initiative want to ensure that as the most inefficient light bulbs disappear from retailers shelves in the United States a... > MORE



What's right for your warehouse lighting?

Posted By: administrator Jun 27,2018 in Industry news

When thinking about the creation and adaptation of environments in a project, it is important to attend to the practical elements. Although a well-designed spa... > MORE