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"Bulbized" Sunflower LED Panel, You Should Not Miss it!

Posted By: administrator Jul 18,2019 in Company news

In recent years, with the gradual degradation of traditional downlights, the demand for replacement has kept growing. Undoubtedly, LED panel downlight is the b... > MORE



High Power Bulb, Choose WELLMAX LED T-Bulb! CE Certified and SAMSUNG LED Inside

Posted By: administrator Jul 16,2019 in Company news

High-power CFL has taken a high ratio in commercial lighting field, esp. in factory, warehouse and store etc. However, more and more people know that LED light... > MORE



Bulbized Sunflower LED Panel Offers SKD Solutions

Posted By: administrator Jul 10,2019 in Company news

Our newly-released Sunflower LED panel has been the hot-focus since its debuted in June. Because of its concise design, the Sunflower also drives an increasing... > MORE



The Top-Selling LED Bulb Product with High CRI and High Quality

Posted By: administrator Jul 08,2019 in Company news

Today, we recommend one of our top-selling LED bulbs of European market to you! Adopted SAMSUNG LED chips and WELLMAX exclusive LED solution, this LED bulb is ... > MORE

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China's Demand for LED Lighting Is Growing

Posted By: administrator Jul 19,2019 in Industry news

According to the newly research reported by Research And Markets, Chinas LED lighting market will surpass the $29 billion mark by the end of 2025. In China, wi... > MORE



LightingEurope's Joint Paper On Human-Centric Lighting

Posted By: administrator May 31,2019 in Industry news

LightingEurope, an industry association representing leading European lighting manufacturers and national lighting associations, and the International Associat... > MORE



Human Centric Lightings Market Forecast 2019-2023

Posted By: administrator May 24,2019 in Industry news

The importance of lighting in setups especially those that are work related is powering the demand for Human Centric Lighting (HCL) Market significantly. Marke... > MORE



LEDs and Human Centric Lighting

Posted By: administrator May 17,2019 in Industry news

Human Centric Lighting (HCL), also known as circadian lighting , is about being able to personalize and control your lighting to suit your needs and increase y... > MORE