Indian government push to the development of LED bulbs

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Incandescent bulb, the old-fashioned, tungsten filament kind light bulb, is finally dying in India, some years after its death was announced in the West, in China and in Latin American countries such as Brazil and Venezuela.

The year of 2015 will see the death of 100W bulbs, as production will stop, 60W bulbs will die in 2016, and 40W bulbs in 2017. That's the plan India's lighting industry is working on. India still has around 700 million incandescent bulbs in use and LED bulbs account for only Rs 1,780 crore of the Rs 12,000-crore lighting business.

But experts predict that this old-fashioned lighting option will be all but gone by 2020. Demand for the incandescent bulbs is stagnant for 2 years, indicating that a change is already underway as CFL and LED bulbs have been making their entry into higher-income households. But in a price-conscious country with millions of low-income households, a big phase-out of the cheap bulb needed a big push.