China LED Bulb Prices Rebound in April I

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According to LEDinside‚Äôs latest LED bulb retail price survey, average retail prices for global 40-Watt equivalent LED bulbs dropped 1% in April 2015 to $11.8. While the average retail prices for 60-Watt equivalent LED bulbs fell 0.1% to $15.9.

Price declines was most evident in Europe and North America region, especially in UK. On the contrary, LED bulb prices in Asia has rebounded, this was most obviously observed in the Chinese market where low priced and poor quality products have gradually exited the market, leading to the brief price uptick.

In the UK market, 40-Watt equivalent LED bulb prices further declined 4.6% in April, after a 4.7% price fell in March. Lighting products that have underwent earlier price upticks all dipped.

In Germany, 40-Watt equivalent LED bulbs have continued its steady price decline since the fourth quarter of 2014, but price falls gradually eased. In April, LED bulb prices were fell 2.1%.

In Asia, 40-Watt equivalent LED bulb prices dropped 5.9% in Taiwan, since certain manufacturers sales promo have dragged down overall market retail prices. In China, LED bulb prices rose 4.1%, marking the first price surge in 2015 as certain low-priced products exited the market. Other market regions price fluctuations remained small, currency exchange fluctuations has been the main reason.