WELLMAX Takes Part In Setting Standards For LED Filament Bulbs

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On July 6th, China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA), the leading semiconductor research organization, held a forum in Fudan University to propose, for the first time, industry-wide standard for LED filament products. The forum invited leading LED lighting enterprises to discuss ways to regulate the design and production of LED filament products. Attendees include engineers from Osram, MLS, Bore and Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX).

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The attendees are from leading companies, such as Osram, MLS, WELLMAX, etc.

The forum was opened with a speech given by Eric Zhou, the vice secretary of CSA and vice president of WELLMAX. Mr. Zhou explained in details the necessity of establishing LED filament standards and the preliminary ideas of deployment. The panel discussed in-depth on the trend of LED filament technology development and reached consensus on how to define its standards in terms of geometric dimension and photoelectric parameters, and on the next steps of formulating of the standards. 

standards for LED filament bulbs.png

Eric Zhou, vice president of WELLMAX and the vice secretary of CSA is giving his speech

Yan Chongguang from Peking University said on the forum: “China is the original country of developing and manufacturing LED filament, however LED filament specifications still vary and has become chaotic in the industry. Setting a forward-looking LED filament standard that can be recognized by international buyers is a pressing matter of the moment to help Chinese enterprises to reduce unnecessary production waste and control production cost.” 

As the leading LED company and a key member of the CSA, WELLMAX pays high attention to the future development of China LED industry. In the past 30 years, the company has played a critical role in the industry by continually setting high-end standard for the product quality. In the movement of setting industry-wide LED product standards, WELLMAX will be a main contributor and will adhere to its long-term goal of leading the development of the LED lighting industry.

On the July 26th, the CSA will hold its next session in Xiamen to further discuss working progress of promoting LED filament standards. Further agreements and compilations of the standard will be determined.