WELLMAX's IDREAM Series — The Most Trendy LED Product of 2018!

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Nowadays, due to increasingly high working pressure, poor sleeping quality has become a big issue for many people. Also, an unsuitable light can make it harder for a good asleep quality because it inhibits the secretion of melatonin. 

WELLMAX, as the LED Bulb Expert, provides a solution- iDREAM Series that can strike a balance between light for work and study and good sleep quality! With the dimming function of the iDREAM, people can easily adjust light color and brightness level simultaneously. The comfortable and healthy lighting experience the product introduced conforms to human circadian rhythm, making people sleep better at night. 

Since debuted on the fair, this product series has become very popular among our global clients. We believe it will drive up your end-users' demand in your local market. 

Contact us now to get samples via email: info@wellmaxgroup.com

For product details, please visit: www.wellmaxgroup.com/portfolio/Dim-to-Warm-iDream-Series