The LED Bulb Expert Takes the Lead in Formulating Industry-wide Standard for LED Filament

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On July 18th, the second working meeting for establishing LED filament standards was successfully held at the head office of Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX)- a top lighting company and the key member of the CSA. Organized by China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA), the meeting gathered experts and engineers from reputable companies such as Osram, MLS and Bore to further discuss the standard for LED filament.

Standard for LED Filament.JPG

(The experts and engineers discussing the filament standards at WELLMAX)

Eric Zhou, the vice president of WELLMAX and vice secretary of CSA, initiated this industry-wide movement with the aim to improve the production efficiency of LED filament for Chinese lighting manufacturers and to reduce the production waste due to the disorganized filament specifications within the industry currently.

Mr. Zhou repeated the necessity of formulating LED filament standards, and emphasized that the filament standards should be made with deeper insights and corresponding to the development trend of filament technology. During the meeting, detailed content regarding the filament naming rule, the filament standard scope, and the basis of classifying the specifications standard was discussed and will be included in the standard draft afterwards. The first-draft will be finished on July 22nd.

Standard for LED Filament(1).jpg

(WELLMAX's CEO, Wang Yamin meeting the group at WELLMAX's office)

The meeting also determined the next working steps and the subject of the next session in Xiamen on July 26th. More experts will be invited to discuss the content of the standard. As the LED Bulb Expert, WELLMAX will continue to support and promote the movement, with the aim of building a more sustainable and eco-industrial chain environment for the industry.